It is quite normal for a laboratory/organisation to have to sub contract instruments for calibration. This may be calibration work that the laboratory cannot perform on its own, or sending out standards for external calibration.

When the instrument is returned from the sub contractor, book the instrument back into the system using the Goods Inwards function in ProCal-Track.

Enter the serial number of the instrument that is being returned, or use the bar code reader on the label that was attached during the subcontracting process. The instrument details will be displayed, as well as a note that the instrument is being returned from the subcontractor.

Information cannot be edited at this stage as the instrument is being returned into the system, however details can be checked to confirm that the correct instrument is being booked in.

Clicking 'Book In' will display a number of options for the new status of the instrument. 

Depending upon your documentation and how you wish to use the system, this will set the instrument status to the desired selection. Transmille advise that either U or M are used as this flags the instrument as work is required to either return the instrument to service (internal laboratory equipment) or to process the instrument for return to the customer.

The instrument's job sheet can then be viewed, with external certificate information added as required.