Sending Commands and Reading Back from the Unit Under Test

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ProCal has the ability to perform fully closed-loop calibration and verification through the use of pre and post test commands on a test by test basis for maximum control over ranges etc.

To tell ProCal that the procedure will communicate with a UUT over a remote interface, the UUT traceable calibration category must be included on the second page of the procedure editor as below. This page is accessed when creating or editing a procedure and selecting uncertainty statements / manual traceable instruments.

To access the instrument control windows, open the procedure you wish to edit/create in ProEdit and select the test that requires commands and press the INSTRUMENTS tab

To send commands to a UUT, commands in the Instrument window must be prefaced with UUT with the command following

For example, with a SCIPI compatible instrument, the below command will set the 1V DC Range


To perform a readback with automatic samples, a special header must be entered in the command window to inform ProCal that it should repeat lines below until the auto step requirements are met


To read back from an interface the FETCHREAD command must be entered between UUT and the command. For example, to perform readback from a SCIPI instrument


Will send the command READ? to the UUT and read the response from the UUT

The command MEAS=READ will inform ProCal to set the Result (i.e. the measurement) as the result of the READ from the UUT

If a delay is required between measurement loops the DELAY xx command can be used where xx is the delay in seconds, i.e. DELAY 1 will delay by 1 second.

To configure auto step the ADVANCED tab can have parameter for automatically moving to the next test entered : 

In this example, ProCal will dynamically determine when the UUT has become stable and then average 3 readings and then move on whether or not the test passes or fails. Note that Autostep is set to ON.

For more advanced programming, please contact Transmille for assistance

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