Product Note : Software / Hardware Versions

Modified on Sat, 09 Mar 2019 at 11:23 AM

The EA3025 has been in production since 2006, and as such there have been numerous product revisions and changes in desktop software.

The EA3025A (released in 2012) is designed for use with the 3000A and onwards product models (such as 9000A, and the 4000 Series).

There is a difference in the calibration procedure for correct operation with the device and software that it is intended for use with, which will cause errors if used with incompatible/incorrect software/measurement methods.

Units sold with a 3000A, 4000 Series or 9000 Series are designed to be used via ProCal or via the direct front panel control and do not require dedicated software.

Units sold with a 3000 Series unit are designed for use with the desktop EA3012 Virtual Front Panel software.

If you have any queries as to the correct method for using the Adapter, please contact us where we can provide correct instructions for your generation of unit as well as any software updates that are required for correct operation.

If a unit is used with incompatible software, the voltage readback will be off as follows : 

EA3025 Used with 3000 Series / Desktop SoftwareEA3025A Used 3000A / 4000 / 9000A and ProCal
EA3025 Calibrated for use with 3000 Series / Desktop SoftwareInput of 100V will read 100V on desktop softwareInput of 100V will read 92.08V on front panel / Procal
EA3025A Calibrated for use with 3000A / 4000 / 9000A and ProCalInput of 100V will read 108.2 on desktop softwareInput of 100V will read 100V on front panel / ProCal

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