To adjust the 8100, first Enable Calibration Mode : 8100 : Entering Calibration Mode

 Select the desired range (for example, 100mV DC) and then press the 'CAL MODE' button (left most soft key on the display)

The TOP and BOTTOM bars of the display will turn RED to indicate that the calibration menu is active.

 Apply the applicable input (for example +100mV DC to adjust the 100mV DC Full Scale Reading) and allow the measurement to stabilise.If applying an absolute value (i.e. the input has been characterised to be +100mV DC), press the '+FS' soft key to perform the adjustment.

If a certified value is being applied (typically resistance), press 'TO VALUE' and enter the certified value of the applied input and then press ENTER

To save calibration, press the BACK key, and then disable calibration mode by navigating to the Calibration Menu and turning calibration mode OFF