Goods Inwards Function

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For a guide on how to book an instrument in, please check the 'How To' section of the support system:

This article is an overview of the Goods-In screen and the features contained within.

Enter/Scan Serial or ID Number

Use this box to enter or scan the serial/ID number of the instrument that is to be booked in. Scanning the barcode will automatically load the rest of the page. If the number is being entered manually, the 'enter' key must be used on the keyboard to enter the information.

Recall Last Details

These check-boxes allow details to be carried between book-in events during the same session. For example, if the user has several similar instruments to book in to the system from the same order that have not been encountered before, recalling the customer, instrument and job information would save the user from having to enter the same details multiple times for each instrument.

Recall information is cleared when the goods in session is ended (eg by pressing the 'Exit' button).

  • Recall Last Customer: This retains the customer details (eg certificate address) that has been entered and booked in
  • Recall Last Inst Details: This retains the instrument details (eg manufacturer and model number) that has been entered and booked in
  • Recall Last Job Info: This retains the job details (eg calibration type) that has been entered and booked in. The order number is not displayed when retained, but is instead available in the drop down menu. This is to prevent items from being booked in on the wrong order number. 

Instruments Booked In (This Session)

This displays the instruments that have been booked in on this session. The virtual job sheet for each instrument can be accessed from this panel by selecting the instrument and pressing the 'View Full Job Sheet' button. A scanned order document can be attached to an instrument by selecting the instrument and pressing the 'Attach PDF Order' button. The grid can be expanded to show more information by pressing the 'expand' link.

Serial Number Generation

The serial number is usually automatically populated from the information entered by the user when starting the book-in process. However, if the user has enabled the setting that uses the entered information as an Instrument ID instead, the instrument serial number will need to be entered manually. If no serial number exists, one can be generated using the 'auto' button next to the serial number box.

Order Number Generation

The order number can be entered manually if one exists (eg on a customer purchase order). If one does not exist, the user can generate a unique order number for the job. This allows the system to keep instruments from the same order together, so that they may be processed/dispatched as part of one order.


Pressing this button ends the goods inwards session.

Clear Address

This clears any information currently being displayed in the selected address tab.

Edit Contact

This allows the user to edit the contact record that the instrument is currently linked to. Please note that this edits the contact details, not the job details.

Create Contact

This allows the user to create a new contact record to link the instrument to.


This button cancels the current book in event, but does not exit the goods inwards function.

Add Accessories

This button allows the user to log an accessories that arrived with the instrument.

Book In

This button completes the book in event and creates the job.

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