The following 'how to' guide demonstrates how to book in instruments that have previously been created/booked in on the system.

Please see the following article for general information on the Goods Inwards screen:

Open the 'Goods Inwards' function. There are three methods of accessing this:

  • Utilities > Goods Inwards - Book In Instrument(s)
  • Goods Inwards Shortcut Button
  • Goods Inwards Side Menu Option

Enter the instrument's serial number and press 'Enter' on the keyboard, or scan the instrument's serial barcode (if one exists):

The system will recall the instrument and job data from the last time that the instrument was seen:

If any information has changed, amend the data as required.

If the instrument arrived with accessories, these should be added on the accessories list. To do this, launch the accessories panel: 

When the accessories panel has launched, select which accessories have been included with the instrument, and press 'OK'. To print a label for each accessory, ensure that the 'Print Accessories Labels' box is checked:

If an accessory is not listed, or you wish to make changes to the accessories list, select the 'Edit Accessories List' button and edit the list of accessories. Up to 20 may be listed:

Once all required information has been entered, press the 'Book In' button to book the instrument into the system. If you are using a lower resolution screen, the book in button can be found on the 'Instrument Details' tab:

Once the instrument has been booked in, it will appear in the 'instruments booked in' list. From here, the virtual job sheet can be viewed: