ProCal: How To Start a Calibration By Serial Number with a New Instrument

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How To Start a Calibration By Serial Number with a New Instrument

To begin the calibration go to 'File' then 'Calibrate An Instrument' and then click 'By Serial Number'.


Alternatively you can click the 'Calibrate An Instrument' shortcut button, then click 'By Serial Number'.

On this screen input the serial number of the unit to be calibrated, then click 'Next'.

A window will open informing you that the serial number in question is not in the system and if you would like to  create a new system id for this item, click 'Yes'.

The calibration information screen is now displayed make sure to enter the correct certificate and instrument information.


Click the 'Search' icon to open the 'Select Contact' window.


Enter the 'Company Name' or 'Account Number' select the the correct information, then click 'Select'.


Click the 'Search' icon to open the 'Select Manufacturer' window.

Enter the name of the manufacturer to find the 'Manufacturer' and 'Model Number', then click 'Select'.


Select the correct name in the 'Tested by' drop box, then click 'Next'. 


On this screen, the list of procedures matching the model number will be displayed. Select the procedure then click ‘Next’.


If the instrument has been calibrated before, the last procedure used (if still available and not de-activated) will automatically be highlighted. 

It is possible to search for the procedure using the ‘Search’ button and contained options. 


Once the required procedure has been selected click ‘Next’ to proceed.

The next screen will display traceability information and uncertainty statements. If the traceable instruments are not assigned then please follow this guide for more information:


The next window asks if As Found or After Adjustment Readings, choose the required option then click 'Next'.


Tests will display a picture prompt, demonstrating how to correctly set up the meter and calibrator. Click 'Next' to continue.    


METER type tests with(depending on the chosen calibration) keyboard entry of the value. Type in the reading from the meter display and click 'Next' to go to the next test.


To review results at any time click 'Control' and then 'Pause Calibration'.


When the last test is reached, the test review screen is displayed, click 'Next'. (If a message stating some of the tests are not completed appears, simply click 'Yes' to proceed.


Enter/Select certificate comments. Please see the following article on how to' Adding Comments to Certificates ':(  

Services, Parts Used and Engineers Report - Enter any required details then click 'Next' to step through each tab and proceed to the status screen.

Set instrument status - if unfinished, calibration complete will be disabled. Select the appropriate instrument status option from the choices on screen then click 'Next'.


Click 'Finish' to assign certificate number and save the calibration.

            Note : To assign a manual certificate number, click 'Enter Number Manually'.

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