4610M : Accessing Internal MicroSD Card

Modified on Wed, 11 Aug 2021 at 11:55 AM

Note - Ensure that mains power is removed from the 4610M before disassembling the unit

The 4610M is fitted with an internal MicroSD card for off processor storage. This is to facilitate replacement of the high level processor in the event of a failure or service requirement.

To access the MicroSD card, remove the front panel of the 4610M. It may ease access to also remove the outer case of the unit which increases available space for working with tools.

Using a nut spinner or a suitable spanner, remove the 3 locknuts and washers that hold the processor cover in place. This will then provide access to the high level processor board

To REMOVE the MicroSD card, press the MicroSD card in gently until there is a click, the SD card will now spring back and can be removed.

To INSERT the MicroSD card, reverse this process

Note - This MicroSD card stores the factory calibration as well as other system files. The cards should not be swapped between units.

The presence of the MicroSD card is indicated in the View Configuration menu option, and listed as "Internal Backup Storage Present"

The MicroSD card is not Hot Swappable, meaning that to be re-detected the unit must be fully powered down after removing or inserting the MicroSD Card.

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