ProSet: Program Options

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Please follow this guide to configure ProSet to your requirements.

Program options are accessed via the File menu in ProSet, and then selecting the 'Program Options'.



Or by clicking on the 'Program Options' shortcut.



ProCal Options



ProCal Default Start-up Screen

This setting is used to denote which ProCal feature launches on start-up. For example Configure ProCal to show the Priority List on start up via ProSet.


Use Global Settings

Check this option to load global settings. Uncheck this option to use individual stations settings. Saving settings with this options checked will overwrite the global settings and affect all stations with this option ticked.

Basic Data Loading

This option is for users connecting to the database over a VPN or WIFI or just a slower network connection.


Font Compatibility

This settings changes the font in several areas of the software to allow Cyrillic characters to display properly (eg in company names or addresses).


Temperature Units

Set the desired temperature unit between Celsius and Fahrenheit.



Select this option to automatically select the reference instrument for procedures where there is only one in the traceability category.


Crystal Report Settings

Enable the use of crystal reports and set the default report. For more information refer to these articles:         Configuring Custom Certificate Templates (For ProCal).

How To Configure A Custom Certificate (Crystal Reports Template). 


Miscellaneous Information

The marginal pass limit is set to 90% as default. This value can be changed to any percentage required.

ProEdit Accuracy Rounding

Selecting this will round test values to the chosen resolution.


Calibration Settings


Status Code Monitoring

This option checks to make sure that an instrument has been signed off on by the customer. Disable if not using ProCal-Track to manage instrument statuses.


Show Last Cal. Inst. Information

Customer and Instrument information will be retained between calibrations to prevent re-keying of data.


Certificate Recall

Enable this to recall certificates if a calibration wasn't completed. Disable to prevent recall of completed certificates. This prevents tests from being re-run on an already generated set of results.


Auto Select Calibration Options

The calibration options in ProCal will be pre-populated with one of these choices.


Show Warning Messages

Warning messages during calibration include uncertainty and traceability problems.



Check this option to display the signatories on the certificate.


Instrument Check on Test

If this setting is enabled for a user, it displays a warning message at the start of a test telling the user they must use the specified Instrument on this procedure. 


Test Fail Message Options

The test fail message box has three buttons: Abort, Retry and Ignore. this option allows for the 'Ignore' button to be enabled or disable as necessary.


Print Defaults (End Of Calibration Run)

  • Show Certificate Printing dialogue - Checking this option will make the print dialogue appear. If unchecked, the certificate will print without the dialogue, removing the ability to change certificate templates and other settings at print time 

  • Print Certificate of Conformance - Prints the Certificate of Conformance template if using that certificate type.

  • Print Exact Date (Certificate and Labels) - Enabling this sets the due date of the item to be the same date as calibration on the following year. For example, a calibration date of 10/01/2022 will have a due date of 10/01/2023.

    If left unchecked, the due date will be calculated as the calibration date plus the number of weeks required before re-calibration as set during book in. For example, for a 52 week period, a calibration date of 10/01/2022 would lead to a due date of exactly 52 weeks later - 09/01/2022. This date would also be slightly different if accounting for leap years.

  • Print Calibration Certificate - Enable this to print the calibration certificate at the end of the calibration in ProCal.

  • Print Labels - Enable this to automatically print calibration labels at the end of the calibration. Will only happen if 'Print Calibration Certificate' is also enabled.

  • Default Number of Copies - This governs the number of calibration labels printed.

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