If you print certificates via ProCal-Track, please see this guide instead: ProCal-Track Using A Custom Certificate

ProSet enables users to set a default customer certificate for use at the point of certificate printing. Further custom certificates may also be used when printing, and these will be selectable from the print dialogue.

  1. Save the desired Crystal Report format certificate (.rpt) in x:\ProCal\Reports_SQL\Certificates (where 'x' is your ProCal filepath).
  2. Launch ProSet and open the Program Options (found under the File > Program Options).
  3. In the 'Process/Despatch' Print Options section, enable 'Use Custom Certificates':
  4. Once enabled, select which report template to use by default:

  5. Press 'OK' to save your settings and exit the options screen. Please note that separate settings can be saved for per station or global purposes, as with all program settings.

  6. When printing a certificate using the print dialogue, the 'use custom report' option will be enabled and the default custom certificate will now be automatically selected. You are able to select a different report before commencing with the print, if required: