There are three user permission levels in ProCal-Track - Administrator, Engineer and Operator:

Administrator : full access rights to every element of the software. All functions are enabled.

Engineer :  the following functions are disabled:

  • Editing recall letters
  • Editing laboratory address
  • Editing certificate/report logos
  • Editing job numbers
  • Editing ID numbers
  • Editing Serial numbers
  • Advanced set up functions (eg user administration)

Operator : functions that are disabled for engineers are also disabled for operators. In additions, the following functions are also disabled (this is essentially a 'view only' mode):

  • Creating instruments
  • Deleting instruments
  • Setting instrument status
  • Updating instruments calibrated
  • Label printer settings
  • Custom list editing
  • Running recall letters

Please note that stations can be set to specific functions which will override user permission levels. Please see the 'station configuration' part of this article for further information: