3200 A/B : Setting RCD Trip Threshold

Modified on Fri, 21 Oct, 2022 at 1:23 PM

The 3200 A/B is set to start the RCD test timing/current measurement once a signal of at least 62% of the set current is detected.

This is to avoid the test starting on the 'no trip' pre-test that a large number of testers perform to make sure that the circuit is live and safe to test on

This trigger level can be configured over the interface to change the trigger level, which can also be used to measure the test current at different 'ramp' levels on some RCD Testers

Using a terminal program or any software capable of communicating with the instrument, send the following command



A : Aborts the test which has already begun

F80 : Returns the 3200 to the main menu

Q1 : Enables editing/updating of settings

R17: Selects the RCD Trigger Level Constant
Zxxxxx : Sets the trigger level in %. To set the trigger to 90%, the command is Z90000. To set 70%, Z70000 etc

F21 : restarts the RCD trip test

For correct operation, you must remember to set the trigger level back to 62% after completing tests, using the following command


Note : The RCD Trigger LEvel cannot be set from the 3200 front panel

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