To add new features and functionality to the 4000 Series Transmille have included the ability for the 4000 Series to be updated via USB.

When prompted to perform an update, load the calibrator.exe file onto a blank memory stick formatted as FAT32.

Connect the USB stick to the front panel of the 4000 Series and wait for any lights/indicators to indicate that the memory stick has been found, or wait approximately 5 seconds.

Press the 'Main Menu' key, followed by 'Config'. Enter the passcode (default 1234) and then navigate to 'Update System [Via USB Device Port]'.

4000 Series Menu

A prompt will appear indicating that the update file is being copied across.

On a successful update, a message will display indicating that the update was successful, and will ask you to remove the USB drive and then press 'OK' to restart the calibrator.

If the Update is not performed successfully please contact Transmille for further assistance.