In order for ProCal to control instruments and/or record information about instruments used for a calibration, these instruments need to be added to the systems traceability list. The traceable instruments and reference standards are those instruments that are consistently used to calibrate all of the instruments that pass through the system.

This list can be found in ProSet by clicking File -> Edit Instrument Traceability. This is comprised of a list of traceable instruments.

To update the traceability information of an instrument, select the required instrument from the list and then view the information in the bottom section of the window: 

In the case of instruments 1 - 10 the Instrument Model Number & Description should be selected from the drop-down box to ensure correct section for the built in drivers in ProCal.

The Serial Number, Certificate Number, Calibration date and Calibration Interval should be updated accordingly based on the calibration certificate for the instrument.

If the Instrument is connected via an FTDI interface or Direct USB connection the COM Port box can be left and does not need updating.

If the instrument is connected via GPIB (Not recommended unless no other interface is available) and the address has been changed then select the appropriate address from the drop down list.