Creating Web Users

Modified on Thu, 15 Apr 2021 at 09:49 AM

ProWeb V6 allows you to select the customers that will have access to their certificates online.

To generate a new online User, open the ProWeb utility and select the 'Configure Customers' tab.

To add a new user, click the 'Create New Online User' button.

The User Creation Window will appear. This window provides the ability to search your existing customer database (Maintained through ProCal-Track or ProSales) for customers and generate a new online user. Fill out the Company Name field, and then click the Search button to filter the customer list.

Select the customer that you wish to create a new online account for and select them from the list. They will be highlighted in Blue.

Once you have selected the customer, click the 'Select Customer' button. The Username, Customer Account and Email (if present) fields will be automatically filled.

To customise the username, simply update the text box. A Single customer account can have many users associated with it (for example, a large company may have many users, each with their own password). The Email can also be updated at this time.

To generate a password for the user, click the 'Generate Password' button which will generate a randomised password. - Take a note of this password to provide it to the new user.

Once you have customised the fields as desired, clicking the 'Save User' button will close the New User window after creating the new user.

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