Creating new users can be performed using the ProCal User Utility.

Please note - this utility does not create passwords for users - Passwords and Password Reminders are set the first time that the new user logs into ProCal, ProCal-Track or ProSales.

To edit users, first, open the utility and login using a User Name and Password. If you do not have any active users in the system a message will appear warning you. In this case please follow the instructions in the following application note : Creating The First User.

After logging in, the main window of the User Utility will be displayed. 

Click 'Create User' to display the user creation window.

Enter the appropriate information in each field, and once finished click 'Create User'.

Note : User Name and User Level MUST be completed for a user to be created. An Error message will be displayed if these fields are missing.

Note : Users created using the User Utility are created with blank passwords. When users try to log into ProCal, ProCal-Track or ProSales they will be prompted to create a password and reminder phrase.