4000 : Calibration via the Front Panel

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The 4000 Series offers a built-in calibration mode allowing calibration laboratories other than Transmille to perform adjustments without the need for specialised software.

NOTE : Full calibration procedures for use with ProCal are available and can assist with calibration of the 4000 Series

To enter calibration mode press the 'Main Menu' key from the default screen

Using the digital control, arrow keys or via direct selection through the touch screen, select 'Manual Calibration Mode'

Press the 'ENTER' or 'Select' keys if you selected via the physical keys. The calibrator will perform an automatic backup of the existing calibration factors

If the unit has not been powered on for a sufficient amount of time (30 minutes) a warning message will display confirming that the engineer is aware and prompting to continue or wait for the warmup to have completed

After successful backup of the calibration factors a prompt will be displayed, click OK

After clicking OK, a prompt to enter a pass code will be shown. The default passcode is 1234

The calibration menu will now be displayed. Select the function that requires adjustment via the Select Key, the ENTER key or by pressing the menu item

The Function will now be entered and the calibration sequence for the range started. The calibrator will stay in standby mode for safety until the OUTPUT ON key is pressed.

To move to the next calibration step press the 'Next >' button. To move to the previous calibration point press the '< Previous' button. To return to the calibration menu press the 'BACK' button.

In the worked example below the 'Next >' button has been pressed until the 2V DC range has been accessed.

The first point on the 2V DC range is the 0V calibration. Configure your measurement device for a measurement of 0V and press OUTPUT ON.

Enter the measurement from the measurement device. For a multimeter that is indicating in mV enter the value (i.e. 0.01mV) including units via the keyboard entry. If the measurement is to be entered in Volts you do not need to enter a multiplier (i.e. m, u). Press the ENTER key on the keyboard. The SHIFT light on the keyboard will change to a Blue illumination for approximately 1 second and then return to normal. The screen will update to indicate that the adjustment has been made

Once happy with the adjustment at the Zero Calibration Point, press the 'Next >' button

The Positive Calibration Point will be selected. As before, record the measurement from the measuring device and type in using the keyboard. Press the ENTER key

The blue shift key will illuminate and then return to normal. The screen will update

Once happy with the adjustment press the 'Next >' button to move to the Negative Calibration point, the screen will update

Enter the value displayed by the measurement device as before

Press the 'ENTER' key, the shift key will illuminate BLUE and then return to normal after the calibration has been stored. The calibration of this range is now complete

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