The EA013 Picoamp Source adapter can be controlled directly via the front panel of the 4000 Series, with no need to install desktop software.

To use the EA013 with the 4000 Series, connect as the diagram below.

Note that the cable used to connect the EA013 to the 4000 Series should be a straight through cable, not a Null Modem cable.

On the front panel of the 4000 Series, press the MODE button on the right hand side of the keyboard.

This will display the Adapter menu.

Using the digital control, navigate to EA013 pA Source and press ENTER on the keyboard or Select via the touch screen/selection keys.

The Screen will update and display 0nA, with the title bar indicating that the calibrator is in EA013 pA Source mode. The LED above the Adapter Interface connection port will also light.

Type in the desired value and press OUTPUT ON on the calibrator. 

The LED's on the EA013 indicate the range that the EA013 is currently set to as well as if power is present.

To leave EA013 pA source mode, press SHIFT followed by the C button which will reset the calibrator back to startup defaults. Alternatively, press Functions and then select the required function.