Procedures can be uploaded to the 4000 Series via USB stick from the front panel USB Port (USB Device Port).

After writing and exporting a procedure (more information can be found here: Exporting a procedure from ProEdit in 4000 Series Format ) and having loaded the procedure file (procedure exported in .4000proc format) to a USB stick follow the instructions below to load the procedure onto the 4000 Series.

  1. Insert the USB stick into the front-mounted USB Port (USB Device Port) on the 4000 Series.
  2. Press the Main Menu button to access the main menu of the 4000 Series and scroll to highlight 'Import Procedures from USB' and press ENTER or the select key. Alternatively, simply press 'Import Procedures from USB'.

  3. A prompt will display showing that Procedures have been successfully imported from the USB drive.

  4. The new procedures will then be displayed in the 'Run a Procedure' menu.