The 4000 Series is available with an option for remote sensing voltage.

This features allows compensation for external loads which is especially important when calibrating devices with low input impedance that will draw additional current from the output, causing a voltage drop at the output.

To set Remote sense, enter the desired voltage output (DC Only), followed by pressing the SHIFT key then the VOLTS key.

For example, to set 5V DC, with remote sense active, press 5 followed by SHIFT + VOLTS. The input box will indicate 5V4w, indicating that 4 Wire Voltage will be set

Both the Normal voltage terminals and Low Current terminals will be active in this mode, and both require connection to the UUT for correct operation.

A simplified connection diagram is shown below

Remote Sense Voltage output will not compensate for thermals on leads, so ensure that all leads used are suitable for the measurement being performed.

To return to normal voltage output, simply enter a new voltage value, followed by the VOLTS key.