The emulation mode of the 4000 Series is a continuously improving emulation of many compatible command languages.

As of Version 3.0.0 firmware, the following functions are compatible with the Fluke 55xxA command set

  • DC Voltage
  • AC Voltage
  • DC Current
  • AC Current
  • Simulated Resistance
  • Simulated Capacitance
  • Thermocouple Output

In addition, the following commands are supported

  • FUNC?
  • TC_REF / TC_REF?
  • *RST
  • *OPC / *OPC?
  • OPER / OPER?
  • STBY

Additional functionality is being continually developed and tested

For functions where no direct equivalent is available (i.e. Passive Resistance), the calibrator will set the nearest equivalent, for example, a command of OUT 100 OHM will set 100 Ohms simulated resistance rather than the more accurate passive resistance for optimised compatibility with existing software.

For outputs that the 4000 Series is not capable of the 4000 series will dynamically set the next nearest output, i.e. 1000V 45Hz is not available from the 4010, however, 1000V 46Hz is available which will be set with no modification to software required.