The 4000 Series (from Firmware Version 2.8.0 onwards, with improved compatibility in Version 3.0.0 onwards) features a powerful emulation mode enabling the instrument to respond to command structures from other manufacturers.

To enable emulation mode the user must enter the configuration menu and choose the mode required.

There are three selectable remote interface modes as of 3.0.0

1) Native - No emulation enabled

2) Compatible - Emulation mode enabled without user customisable *IDN? Response

3) Compatible & IDN - Emulation mode enabled with user customisable *IDN? Response for integration into existing systems.

To enable emulation mode, press the Main Menu key from the main screen to enter the main menu

Press the 'Config' button and enter the passcode (default of '1234')

On the Configuration Menu, press the 'Config' button a second time to enter the secondary menu

Select 'Set Emulation Mode' and Press the Select or Enter Key. A selectable list will appear listing the available emulation modes

Using the Digital Control select the required emulation mode and then press the 'ENTER' key or push the digital control inwards.

A message will be displayed on the screen to indicate that the required emulation mode has been set