To export a Procedure from ProEdit (for archiving / sharing purposes), please follow the below steps

  1. Open ProEdit
  2. Navigate to the Utilities Menu and then click on 'Export Procedure(s)'. Alternatively, click the 'Export' button in the tool bar

  3. Search for the procedure that you wish to export using the search parameters and click search
  4. Select the procedure that you wish to export and click the 'Accept' button in the lower right

  5. In the next window, select a folder to export the procedures to and click OK

  6. Click 'Yes' on the message box asking that you are sure you wish to export the selected procedure

  7. ProEdit will then export the procedures into the selected folder. There will be a .pdb file and a folder for each procedure that you have exported. The new folder contains any prompt files/technical data from the procedure and the .pdb file contains the procedure data.