Introduction to ProCal

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General Overview

ProCal is a suite of programs designed to provide the tools to calibrate all types of instrumentation and equipment, with virtually no limitations on the types of measurements recorded. It provides the facilities to configure the basic system, to create and manage test procedures and perform measurements or allow entry of measurements made independently which are stored within an organised database for producing printed or electronic certificates (i.e., viewable on screen).

This Suite of programs consists of the following:


ProSet provides the facility to configure the system, including the certificate numbering, setting the reference instruments to be used by the system, laboratory Information, user, program, and database paths for use on a network etc. ProSet also provides the ability to customise user preferences, profiles can be set up for the system, assign users login names and passwords, as well as individual user access permissions and the users level of access.

Note: If the software is installed to be used on a network, ProSet MUST be used to set the COM ports and instruments up, BEFORE ProCal is used. If the software is only being used on a single workstation, then ProCal can be used without first setting up ProSet. 



ProCal is the program which ties together all aspects of the system, allowing the user to select a procedure and perform measurements with automated control of equipment where configured. This program is designed to guide the user through the series of tests and incorporates the facilities to display help and prompts throughout the test sequence. ProCal can also be configured to produce printed certificates and calibration / test labels at the end of a test procedure.

ProCal can also allow integration with ProCal-Track, which incorporates job management from goods-inwards to paperwork printing and final despatch.



ProEdit is the procedure management program and allows the creation of a list of tests to be performed for a specific instrument. The procedures can also contain specific instructions on how to test an instrument by using picture, text, or video prompts. A procedure can provide information for remote control of instruments using either GPIB (General Purpose Instrument Bus) or RS232.

There are complete tools for editing, copying, and deleting the procedures; there is also a powerful, yet easy to use Procedure Builder Wizard for the automated writing of procedures for a range of different equipment.



ProCert provides the facility to print out certificates, which have been recorded and stored using ProCal. These certificates are easily searchable for by their certificate number, customer name and more.  


Additional Software


ProCal-Track provides tools for the management of instruments from goods inwards through to despatch and all points in between. ProCal-Track can be used independently of ProCal or can be integrated for full laboratory automation.

Ease of use is a key priority for Transmille, and as such ProCal-Track has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible. By performing many tasks automatically, ProCal-Track can provide powerful features without the need for training. Features such as Job priority tracking are performed automatically as soon as an instrument is booked into the system.

Using instrument history, ProCal-Track can identify historic instruments immediately.

ProCal-Track once configured will track instruments through the laboratory flow, handling automated customer/instrument recall letters.



ProSales integrates customer relationship management software with powerful features to automate costing calibration jobs and invoicing.

Maintain your customer database with powerful features, including the ability to scan in important documents such as quality system documents, competitors' quotes, or any other information of note.

To reduce re-entering data, ProSales can integrate with your existing accounts package to simplify the process of invoicing your customers. Reduce replicating paperwork to a minimum by automatically costing jobs and posting to popular accounting software. An easy to maintain pricelist automatically prices jobs based upon price codes stored within procedures, automatically applies customer discounts, and even tracks the prices of spares such as fuses. ProSales can even be used for quotation of new instrument sales.

ProSales fully integrates into ProCal and ProCal-Track for a truly unified database to keep redundant and replicated data to a minimum.

ProSales can even simplify scheduling your collection and delivery services, allowing one-off collections to be created or schedule regular collections for specific customers.



On-site calibration is becoming an ever more important part of many calibration laboratories workloads. So why perform this calibration any differently from in the laboratory?

ProSite software allows the user to take their instrument database and procedures on-site, and then re-import the data back into the laboratory database to prevent un-needed data re-entry, minimising errors and making calibration faster on site.

Using ProSite is as simple as selecting the customer that you intend to visit, pressing 'export' and then copying the database to a laptop computer. When returning from site, simply reverse the process and all data that was collected on site is re-integrated into your main database.



ProWeb enables creation of an online database of certificates in PDF format that can be accessed through a web portal.

Enable simple access to historical certificates for both yourself and your customers, with password protected logins and search functions.

To reduce upload requirements and minimise space required, ProWeb will only upload certificates for pre-selected customers, and will only generate PDF certificates for new certificates, certificates that have already been produced will not be replicated to save processing time.

ProWeb consists of code and instructions for implementation on your website, and a desktop application to generate the certificates database and certificates in PDF format.

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