Configuring ProSite Version 6 - Additional Settings

Modified on Tue, 13 Apr 2021 at 03:36 PM

Note - The below instructions apply to Version 6.2.0 onward. Certain features are not available in previous Versions.


The Additional Settings setting in the Configuration Menu allows configuring the site data export to your exact requirements. Each option is explained in detail below.

Copy Instrument Photos? (Server -> Site)

Ticking this box will copy all instrument photos from the server to the local computer, placing photos in the default directory of C:/ProCal/Instrument Photos. ProSite intelligently looks through each photo that is found and compares the file modified dates of both files and will only copy a file if the file on the server is newer. If this option is ticked the Server Instrument Photos Path field must be filled and accessible at the time of exporting data to the site computer.

Copy Procedures? (Server -> Site)

Ticking this box will copy all procedures from the Main server to the Site Laptop.

Copy Procedure Prompts & Data Sheets? (Server -> Site)

Ticking this box will copy all prompts and datasheets from the server to the Site Laptop. The Procedure File Listing utility must be run on the server to provide a full listing of files for the site laptop to cover. The files copied will only be those listed so ensure that the file listing utility is run at suitable intervals (a 24 hour period is recommended). This process improves the synchronisation speed greatly. Only files that are newer than those on the laptop will be copied to speed up transfer time.

Copy Traceable Instruments? (Server -> Site)

Ticking this box will copy all instruments from the Server traceable instrument list from location 10 upwards and replace any existing items in the local computer with information from the server. The Instrument location is switched from 'Server' to 'Local' during the copy so that the local laptop has full access to information.

Copy Uncertainty Files? (Server -> Site)

Ticking this box will copy uncertainty files from the default location of %ServerProCalLocation/Uncertainties, ServerProCalLocation/Uncertainty Templates & ServerProCalLocation/Uncertainty Evaluations to the site laptop to ensure that work performed on site uses the correct uncertainty templates. Note that the archived uncertainties are NOT copied to reduce the synchronisation time.

Copy Contacts Database? (Server -> Site)

Ticking this box will copy the entire contacts database to the local computer in case you visit a new customer that does not have any instruments in the server database or if you wish to view information for customers while on site. At present this option is always ENABLED in case new customers are visited on site.

Copy Text Lists (Descriptions, Manufacturers etc)? (Server ->) Site

Ticking this box copies all pre-populated lists from the server to the site computer. This includes information such as the Job Comments, Site Descriptions, Instrument Descriptions etc. Ticking this box also copies label templates to the local computer.

Copy Crystal Reports? (Server -> Site)

Ticking this box will copy all crystal report files from the server (%ServerProCalLocaltion%/Reports_SQL) to the local computers default location of C:/ProCal/Reports_SQL. This function uses the windows copy to display a progress bar.

Update previous results? (Site -> Server)

Ticking this box will make ProSite update OLD results data on the server when returning data from Site. This covers situations where certificates may be re-called on site and adjustments made that need to be synchronised back to the main database. Ticking this box slows down the re-import process significantly and is not recommended when operating over a VPN.

Only Update Instrument if new Jobs Performed? (Site -> Server)

Ticking this box will prevent Prosite from updating historical information on jobs or updating the status of an instrument if new jobs were not performed. In this instance any changes that have been made to the instrument will ONLY be synchronised if a new job has been performed. The purpose of this option is to allow companies to use two independent laptops at a single customer site without the risk of data collision. Please be aware though if new comments are added or instrument information is updated without a new job this information will be lost during a re-import if this option is TICKED.

Server File Paths :

Server ProCal Folder : This is the root folder of the ProCal data folder on your server.

Server Instrument Photos Path : This is the folder that holds your instrument photos on the server.

Server Procedure Folder : This is the folder that holds datasheets and prompt images/text files for your procedures.

Server Reports Path : This is the folder that holds crystal reports on your server.

Server Stock Database Path : This is the folder that holds your pricing database (on site pricing not yet implemented).

Server Label Templates Path : This is the folder that holds your label templates for Dymo and Brother label printers.

Note : It is HIGHLY recommended that these paths are entered in UNC Format or linked to a mapped drive that is connected before ProSite is opened.

Use Server Settings

Ticking this box will set the paths to the default as set on your main server. Unticking the box will use settings local to the computer/laptop.

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