To enable concurrent usage of ProCal both on the main database and site database a unique numbering scheme should be applied to the site database/system.

To assist with this ProSite Version 6 has the ability to create multiple numbering schemes which are logged out when exporting to sites and then updated on the reimport of data.

To configure multiple numbering screens, open ProSite and click the 'Configuration' button.

Click the 'Automatic Numbering Scheme' tab and then click the 'Load Numbering Schemes' button to populate the grid.

To add a New Numbering Scheme, click the 'Add New Numbering' Scheme button and fill out the window that appears.

Each field must be filled in to save successfully

After filling in the fields, click the 'Save' button, the window will disappear and the new numbering scheme will appear in the grid.

To edit an existing number, select the desired numbering scheme from the list and click 'Edit Numbering' - Note that numbering schemes that are presently in use cannot be edited.

Click save after editing the numbering scheme to save the updated data back to the main database.