Exporting Data to Site Computer

Modified on Tue, 13 Apr 2021 at 03:36 PM

Exporting data from the main server to the site computer is a simple process that requires minimal interaction from users.

  1. Open ProSite and Log In. The User Name can be selected from the drop down list, followed by the password. Please note that this is your user name for Transmille software and not for your computer.

  2. After successfully logging in the main screen of ProSite will appear.

  3. To select customers for export, click the 'Select Customers' button, a window will appear showing the full list of customers in your main database.

  4. To search for a specific customer, typing in the customer name in the text box highlighted above and pressing enter / search will filter the list to your search terms.
  5. To add a customer to the list of exports, select the customer and click 'Add To Export'.

  6. Perform this step for each customer that you wish to export data for.
    Note - The more customers you export, the longer the export process will take. We recommend performing this task over a fast and stable network connection.
  7. After selecting all customers, click the 'Save Export List' button and a prompt will appear asking if you wish to return to the main screen. Click 'Yes' if you are happy with the selected customers.

  8. On returning to the main screen, click the 'Prepare For Site Visit (Server -> Site)' button to begin the site export.

  9. The site export process will begin. Any warning messages should be noted and Transmille contacted where we can assist software support subscribers.

  10. If your system has multiple numbering schemes configured a list will appear allowing you to choose the numbering scheme you wish to apply to the site system from the drop down list, followed by pressing 'Select Numbering Scheme'.

  11. Note - If no available numbering schemes are available the export will not proceed.
  12. The text in the lower left hand side of the program will indicate the progress of the site data export.

  13. After performing initial setup steps and performing a backup of the server database, ProSite will display a message asking the user to confirm that they are aware all data will be deleted from the Local database as well as confirming the server that has been defined as the local database.
  14. Take due caution with this step, as if you have the remote database and the local database the wrong way around in the settings you will delete all data from your main database.

  15.  Clicking 'Yes' on this message will proceed with the deletion of data from the site computer and begin the transfer of data from the main database to the site database. Depending upon the number of customers and instruments that are to be exported this may take some time. The Progress Bar and status text will keep you informed of the progress.
  16. On completion, ProSite will indicate the number of instruments exported as well as the average amount of time taken to export an instrument.

  17. A final message is displayed to prompt the user to check the versions of ProCal, ProCal-Track etc on the site laptop to ensure they are up to date.

  18. The site laptop is now ready to be taken to the customer(s) site and work to begin.

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