Configuring ProSite Version 6 - Server and Local Database Connections

Modified on Tue, 13 Apr 2021 at 03:35 PM

When using ProSite Version 6 for the first time there are a couple of steps that must be completed to let the application know what database is the main database and which database is the site database.

When starting ProSite for the first time, a message box will appear informing the user that the Remove Server Settings could not be found.

After clicking OK the ProSite Configuration Screen will appear enabling entry of the main database, as well as configure additional settings.

To enter the server settings, either type directly into the drop down box above the Server Name (i.e. or click the "Search for Servers" button which will fill the drop down box with all accessible servers on the network after about 15 seconds. Click on the downwards arrow and select your main database from the list.

The User Name and Password fields are already pre-populated for the default login details, however if you have different settings for your system, update the User Name and Password fields accordingly.

NOTE - The Server Connection User Name and Password are not the same as your login details for ProCal / ProCal-Track.

After entering the User Name and Password, click the 'Test Remote Connection' button. A successful connection is indicated with a message box saying 'Successfully connected to Remote (Main) Database'.

Incorrect Server User Name or Passwords will display an error message stating that the Login Failed for the user.

After confirming that the connection is successful using the 'Test Remote Connection' button, click 'Save Remote Server Settings'.

If the computer has been configured to work as a standalone computer previously the Local Computer Configuration will already be filled out and locked from editing.

To confirm, click the 'Local Computer Configuration' tab. If the controls are locked and non-editable this means that settings have automatically been loaded in from existing ProCal installation. To confirm, click the 'Test Local Connection' button. If the settings are correct a message stating 'Successfully connected to Local (Site) Database' will appear.

If clicking the 'Test Local Connection' button results in an error message but the ability to edit the settings is locked out, press the 'Reset Local Server Settings' button which will allow entry into the fields. A prompt will appear confirming that you wish to reset the settings for the Local Computer.

Clicking Yes will trigger an automatic search for Servers on the network. Make sure that from the drop down box the local computer is selected.

Enter the User Name and Password into the text fields and press the 'Test Local Connection' button. On receipt of a 'Successfully connected to Local (Site) Database) Message, click the 'OK' button and then click 'Save Local Server Settings.

Clicking this button will automatically update settings for the local installation of ProCal and ProCal-Track to be connected to the site computer.

The additional settings Tab is explained in detail in the following support article:

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