To migrate data from Version 5 and below to Version 6, a conversion of the access database must be performed.

NOTE : If there is corrupted data in your database, or duplicate data this import process will not resolve the issue - Transmille offer a data migration service to assist in this case.

  1. Configure the New ProCal SQL Database as detailed here :
  2. Download and Install SQL Server Management Studio from the Microsoft Website if you have not done so already -
  3. Download the Transmille Data Migration Tool from the bottom of this article.
  4. Extract the .exe file to C:\ProCal\Programs and launch.
  5. Set the file locations of the ProResDB, Contacts (optional) and PCSet (optional) databases that are to be imported. These are usually found in your main ProCal\Certificates folder.
  6. Press the "Import Data" button. The tool will now import your data to the SQL database used by V6.