Following the points in this guide will assist you in configuring your system settings in ProSet.


To access the system settings either click the System Settings shortcut button:


Or go to “File” and then System Settings:

This will open the system settings:

Graphical user interface, application

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On this screen there are five sections.

  1. Data paths
    • When the ProCal software suite is installed, the data paths are automatically set to the local drive usually the ‘C’ Drive. 
    • If the software is installed onto a server and not onto a singular workstation, then the paths will need to be manually directed to a single directory to ensure that data is up-to-date across the network. 
    • Data paths must be configured correctly so that files are correctly located across your network.
  2. Miscellaneous information
    • Set system number for identification purposes.
    • The marginal pass limit is set to 90% as default. This value can be changed to any percentage required.
  3. GPIB Card information
  4. Auto numbering information (last number used)
    • Configure the numbering scheme to be used by your laboratory for
      Standard / Traceable Calibrations
      Accredited Calibrations
      Certificates of Conformance
      Electrical Safety Certificates 
      Test Reports    
  5. Language Settings
    • Change the default language of the ProCal Suite. For a new language setting to be implemented, the program must be restarted.

Once you have finalized your settings click ‘OK’ to apply them.