Transmille Server Selector App

Modified on Wed, 30 Aug, 2023 at 2:54 PM

The server selector app is designed to allow users to check and change the SQL server and database that the software is connected to. It also allows users to create connection files if they are missing from the system. 

This app is only compatible with software releases from September 2023 and onwards:

  • ProCal V6.8.106 and upwards
  • ProCal-Track V6.6.217 and upwards
  • ProSales V6.6.99 and upwards

The app is hosted on the bottom of this guide so that it can be downloaded if it is missing from the user's system.

Please follow this guide for proper usage of the server selector app.

  • Launch the app from C:\ProCal\Programs, C:\ProCal-Track or C:\ProSales

  • Click the "Find SQL Servers" button. This will cause the app to search for discoverable SQL instances on the computer and local network. **Please note that this search can take several minutes to complete**:

  • When the search is complete, select the required SQL instance from the dropdown list, then click the "Select SQL Server" button:

  • Enter the administrator username and password for the SQL instance. This will be pre-populated with the Transmille default details. If no custom user/password was set up for the SQL instance, the default details can be used. Click the "Test Connection to SQL Server" button:

  • If the connection test fails, an error message will be displayed with the failure reason (as returned by SQL server). Please rectify the fault in this case, and try again:

  • If the connection is successful, the create connection strings options will be displayed. Select which programs require connection strings, then click "Create Connection Strings". This will create the files required for your ProCal suite software to connect to the selected SQL instance:

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