ProCal-Track has the ability to link external documentation to a job, for example a calibration certificate that has been provided by an external subcontractor, or a certificate generated by a separate piece of software.

To add an external certificate, open the Job Sheet for the desired instrument using the View / Edit an Instrument and click on the 'Advanced Edit' button at the bottom of the window.

From the advanced edit menu, enter the Certificate Number of the external document (in this case Test1234) and click 'Save Changes'.

Now click the 'Link PDF Cert' button from the job sheet. This will copy the most recent file in the C:/ScanTemp folder into the ProCal document storage location and link it to this job/instrument.

On successfully linking, the 'Link PDF Cert' button will change to 'View Cert' with a PDF icon in the button.

The Calibration Date can now be typed in using the Job Sheet view and the job sheet closed. At this time the Status of the instrument can also be updated to the most appropriate status.