With ProCal-Track 6.6.15, a new Sub-Contractor module has been released. This module allows easy management and dispatch of items that require a sub-contracted calibration. The new system allows users to:

  • Dispatch items from the same order to multiple sub-contractors
  • Manage both sub-contractor and end customer pricing
  • Manage sub-contractor carriage costs
  • Generate sub-contractor dispatch notes
  • Return items back to the system when received from the sub-contractor

The module groups instruments by order numbers. If you are not using order numbers to cover batches of instruments, you will not currently be able to use the sub-contract module.

Please follow the guide below to use this module. 

Receiving From Sub-Contractor

  • Launch the module from Utilities > Sub-Contact Instruments > Receive From Sub-Contractor
  • Enter the order number related to the item(s) you wish to dispatch. You can also enter a job number, which will link to the item's order number. Press search once you have entered your details:

  • The sub-contractor module will load with details of all instruments related to the order:
  • Items in the list can only be returned if they are in a status of 'K: Sent For Cal/Repair (External)'. Any items not in this status will be faded and view-only. 
  • To return an item, enter the returning order details:
    • Date returned: enter the date on which the item was returned
    • Certificate No: enter the certificate number as provided by the sub-contractor. This will be applied to the item record in the software
    • Calibration date: enter the date of calibration as provided by the sub-contractor. This will be applied to the item record in the software
  • If you wish to scan and link the certificate to the item, please scan the certificate to your configured scan location and use the 'Scan Cert' button to link the certificate.
  • If a certificate has been linked, the button will change to 'view cert'. This will allow you to view the certificate on screen.
  • Once all details have been entered and the certificate has been linked (optional), use the 'return item' button to complete the return of the item to your system.
  • You will be prompted to choose a status to place the instrument into:

  • Select the desired status and press the 'OK' button - a message will confirm that the item has been returned to the system:

  • Repeat this process for any other items related to the order that need to be returned to the system from the sub-contractor