How To Create & Dispatch Boxes To Couriers

Modified on Mon, 14 Feb, 2022 at 10:44 AM

ProCal-Track 6.6.34 introduces the ability to move items to a new status after process/dispatch: V: Goods Awaiting Dispatch/Collection.  Once items are in this status, they must be booked out through the new 'Courier Collection' module to finalise the calibration process for the item(s).

To enable this feature, select the option in ProCal-Track settings under the 'Process/Dispatch Settings' sub-heading:

With the option enabled, the user will be prompted to log the number of boxes on the order, and the number of items per box, when dispatching the items from the system. This will create a log of items and boxes waiting to be collected from the building.

Once the normal dispatch processes have been allowed to happen (generation of dispatch notes etc), the user will be prompted to enter the number of boxes required to pack the order:

Please note that if only one item is being dispatched, the user will not be prompted and the system will only create one box for the item.

Once the number of boxes has been assigned, the user will be prompted to assign items on the order to each box. This is to ensure correct tracking of individual items in the order, in case boxes are sent on separate dates. To assign items to a box, select the desired items, then press 'assign':

Please note that the user will not be prompted to assign items if only one box has been created, as all items will be assigned to this box.

On pressing 'assign', the user will be prompted to log carrier details for the box. Please note that the 'consignment ref' field is optional and can be updated later if the information is not yet available:

Please note that this can be skipped at this point. However, a box cannot be dispatched from the system without a carrier in place. To add courier details after this point, please refer to this article: How To Manage Courier Dispatch Items

The system will now print a label to be affixed to the box, to allow for easy scanning out when the box is collected/dispatched.

Once the first box has been assigned, the user will be prompted to assign remaining instruments to the remaining boxes. Certain limitations will be in place:

The user cannot assign items that have already been assigned to a previous box:

The user cannot assign all remaining items if there are further boxes to be assigned:

The user must select at least one item to place in a box:

To dispatch the boxes, select the new 'Courier Collection' option:

This can also be accessed via Utilities > Dispatch To Courier > Book Boxes Out

The courier collection screen will be displayed. This will show all boxes awaiting dispatch, as well as any that have been dispatched from the building today:

To dispatch a box, ensure that the 'scan box label' box is selected, and then either scan the box label QR code, or enter the Box ID number from the label using the keyboard and press 'Enter'. This will set  the status of all instruments within the box to status "A: With Customer", and log the time of book out as well as the operator that booked the box out:

If required, box labels can be re-printed from this screen by highlighting a waiting box and selecting the "Re-Print Box Label" button at the bottom of the screen:

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