Below are two methods you can use to continue an unfinished calibration:

Recall a certificate and Resume a Calibration. 

If you lost a calibration due to a crash or power outage, How to Recover Calibration Results.


Recall a Certificate

Enter the certificate number to recall either the before or after adjustment results. Using this allows mistakes on certificates to be corrected, e.g. comments, instruments details, even measurements can be remade. This is a very powerful function of ProCal and can save a great deal of time, avoiding having to completely re-run a calibration. 


To avoid misuse of this function it must first be enabled in ProSet – ProCal ‘options’: How To Enable 'Certificate Recall'.


To access the recall function go to 'File' and then 'Recall a Certificate'.



Alternatively you can click the  'Recall A Certificate' shortcut button.



Enter the certificate number of the calibration you wish to recall.



Select 'As Found Results' to continue a calibration, view results on a calibration or edit a calibration (eg re-run a test). Select 'After Adjustment Results' to recalibrate after a repair or if the unit required repair before calibration.



Verify that the unit matches the certificate, then click 'OK'.



This will bring up the 'Calibration Results' screen.


Resume a Calibration 

To use the resume calibration selection, select the resume calibration button. 



A list of incomplete calibrations will be displayed. Click the desired calibration item to highlight it on the list, then click "OK" to resume the calibration.