The EA001A Thermocouple Calibration Adapter connects to the 3000A / 4000 Range of calibrators and offers either :

> Automatic Compensation (using a built in temperature sensor at the point of connection)

> Manual Compensation (manually entered using the calibrator keypad or using ProCal)

To allow ProCal to display the cold junction selection control panel, a test must be set to show a test prompt before the test starts.

To do this follow the steps below :

STEP 1 : Edit the procedure using ProEdit (set the 'before test prompt' to be displayed)

File > Edit an Existing Procedure

Select the procedure to edit by searching for, for example, a model number (or click START SEARCH to view all procedures)

Select the procedure to edit, then click ACCEPT :

Step through the procedure instrument information screens and edit the test lines as shown below :

Click NEXT to continue through to the uncertainty statements and traceable instruments screen

Click NEXT to proceed to the test edit screen

The test edit screen will be displayed - click the TEST LIST button to view all tests :

Select the first temperature test in the list, then click OK :

Edit the prompt settings by clicking on the PROMPTS tab for this first temperature test and ensure it is set to YES -

if not already set, you may like to enter some prompt test such as 'Please check the cold junction value'.

STEP 2 : Run ProCal

ProCal will display the before test prompt for the tests configured (as above) - 

the prompt screen displayed before the test will display the cold junction settings as shown below :

Select the cold junction compensation mode as required.