Please note that we are phasing out the 'built-in' format certificate to be replaced with Crystal Report template style certificates. If you are on an active support subscription and are still using the 'built-in' certificate format, please contact Transmille so that we can assist in moving you to the new certificate format.

ProCal includes built in certificate templates suitable for most calibration laboratories.

To update the logo for the built in format, replace the file 'Logo.bmp' in the C:/ProCal/Programs folder with a logo file of suitable size. For example,  147 x 100 pixels

In ProCert you have the ability to adjust the alignment by going to 'Options', 'Set Logo Position' and then selecting the appropriate menu.

Users are provided with an 'X' and 'Y' position to adjust the logo to fit their requirements (default positions are for A4 paper).

Note : If you are using Crystal Reports certificates or printing using ProCal-Track you do not need to configure the logo in this location.