Occasionally the output protection fuses on the 3000 / 3000A Series calibrators may require replacement. This procedure can be performed by the end user, meaning that the unit can be brought back into service quickly and without the need for return to local distributor/service centre or Transmille.

A video showing the replacement procedure can be viewed below, alternatively continue following this article for step by step instructions : 

1) Remove the two Hexagonal screws on the side of the 3000A front Panel.

2) Remove the 3 pan headed hexagonal screws on the bottom of the 3000A front Panel.

3) Locate the output protection fuses behind the front panel in the upper left-hand corner as you look at the unit.

4) Damaged fuses should be replaced with 2A Ultra Rapid type fuses, ensure that the same type of fuse is used to replace the damaged fuses. Fuses can be obtained from Transmille or via the following part numbers :

Transmille : E035
Farnell / Element 14 : 1354543
RS Components : 420-094

When replacing fuses ensure that the fuse holders are not damaged in any way (i.e. connectors spread apart).