Numbering Scheme Locking System

Modified on Fri, 08 Mar 2019 at 02:08 PM

As of version 6.5.11, ProSet features a new numbering scheme locking system. This system is designed to prevent duplication when generating System ID, Job and Certificate numbers in ProCal and ProCal-Track.

In the previous system, a single lock would be applied to the numbering scheme table when the numbering scheme was in use. This would cause issues when multiple stations were waiting for this lock, as once released, they would all generate their numbers at the same time, leading to duplication.

The new system uses a SQL table to queue stations that are waiting on the numbering scheme. This means that as the lock is released, each station in turn uses the numbering scheme to generate numbers, before handing off to the next station, to ensure that duplication does not occur.

When ProCal or ProCal-Track is waiting on the numbering scheme, an information message will be offered to the user advising the following:

  • Which station currently holds the lock
  • The reason for the lock
  • The time that the lock was put in place

Locks will be put on the numbering scheme table for the following reasons:

  • The numbering scheme options page is open in ProSet
  • ProCal is generating a system ID when creating an instrument
  • ProCal is generating a certificate number when saving a calibration
  • ProCal-Track is generating a system ID when booking in an instrument
  • ProCal-Track is generating a job number when booking in an instrument

ProSet hosts a new feature that will allow administrators and managers to view the locking process. To access this, select 'Check Numbering Locks' from the file menu. This will display all active locks on the system.  Historic locks can be viewed by checking the 'show historic locks' box on this screen.

Locks can be manually released from this screen by selecting the desired lock and using the 'unlock' button. This is useful where a lock has been left in place due to a software crash while the numbering scheme was in use, for example.

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