How To Generate And Send Recall Emails

Modified on Thu, 15 Apr, 2021 at 12:46 PM

This article is based on the recall system released with ProCal-Track 6.6.0

  • Start the recall process by selecting Calibration Reminders > Created Calibration Reminders from the top menu.

  • Select the required date range for your recall process using one of the following methods:
    • Select the number of weeks notice required, and setting limit on number of weeks overdue (the calculated date range will be displayed on screen).
    • Set the required date range

  • Press OK. The software will search for instruments that match the date criteria and load them into the recall system. The recall screen will be displayed:

  • The recall screen is comprised of several components:
    • The customers awaiting email pane displays a list of all customers that require a recall notification, and the number of instruments belonging to the customer that are due for recall.
    • Customers highlighted in red have a problem with their contact details that will prevent successful sending of a recall email. When performing the send routine, the system will not generate emails for customers listed in red.
    • The pane can be sorted by several different criteria.
    • A summary of customers, customers with issues, and customers that will send is provided. The pane can be filtered to show only customers that currently have contact detail issues.

  • Selecting a customer from the 'customer awaiting email' pane will produce a list in the 'customer instruments due for calibration' pane of all instruments owned by the customer that are due/overdue for recall. If there is an issue that would prevent an email from being sent to the customer, this is also listed:

  • The recall system offers several actions for instruments that have been selected for recall. Use these functions to rectify any issues flagged by the system that would prevent emails from being sent:
    • Refresh Recalls - refreshes the list of customers and instruments in the current recall session. The list is refreshed automatically every time an action is taken from within the recall system.
    • Generate letter - produces a letter template that can be printed and sent to the selected customer.
    • Update contact - allows the user to update the contact details, for example updating the email address before sending the recall notifications.
    • Link to contact - if the customer is displaying as '<no customer linked>', use this button to link the instrument(s) displayed to contacts within your contact system.
    • View job sheet - allows the user to check the virtual job sheet of the selected instrument.
    • Do not recall- set the selected instrument to 'do not recall'. The instrument will be removed from the recall. session and excluded from future recall sessions. The do not recall setting can be reversed by accessing the instrument's virtual job sheet and unchecking the 'do not recall' setting.
    • Exit - exits the recall function. Any recalls that have not already been sent during this session will not be sent. However, the instruments can be sent from future recall sessions.

  • Once you are happy with your recall data, select the 'Send Recall Emails' button to begin sending recall emails:
  • Emails will begin to send. The status bar will indicate which customer email is currently being sent.
  • If any reminders remain that can't be sent due to incorrect email details, pdf letters will be generated (if this setting is enabled).
  • If no reminders remain, the recall process is finished.

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