Convert Crystal Reports For V6

Modified on Wed, 03 Mar 2021 at 08:53 AM

Crystal report files cannot be ported directly from older versions to version 6. The report files require modification to allow them to read from the SQL tables used by version 6.

To achieve this, the user must open the report(s) in Crystal Reports and follow the below steps. If the user does not own a copy of Crystal Reports, please log a ticket with Transmille Support for assistance.

1. Go to Database > Set Datasource Location.

2. The current datasource connection will be shown. This is like to be pointed to an Access database.

3. Select 'Create New Connection', then 'OLE DB (ADO).

5. From the next window that appears, select 'Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server', then press 'Next'.

6. Select your Transmille SQL instance from the drop down menu, then enter your username and password (default is 'sa' and 'transmilleProcal6'). Finally, select 'ProCal' in the database dropdown, then press 'Finish'.

7. Your new connection is created. Highlight the SQL server name, then press 'update'. This will change the current data source to the SQL server. If your report uses a field whose type has changed since the creation of the report, you will be prompted to re-map the field. If the below window does not appear, you do not need to map any fields.

To map you fields,, uncheck the 'match type' box, then scroll down to find the field name(s) that matches the field name(s) in the 'Unmapped Fields' section. Highlight the name of the field to map, then press 'map'. Once complete, press 'OK'. You will be returned to the datasource location view.

8. Your table is now correctly pointed to the SQL tables used by version 6. Press close - the report can now be used as normal.

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