Creating a New Traceable Instrument

Modified on Thu, 23 Jun 2022 at 08:27 AM

  • File > Add/Edit Traceable Instruments
  • Click "New Instrument"
  • Select the category to which the instrument will belong, then press "Ok".
  • Enter instrument details:
    • Enter the manufacturer and model number of the instrument.
      • If creating to a "reserved" category, the manufacturer and model number will be locked to items that are available in that category.
    • Enter the serial number and latest calibration certificate number for the instrument.
    • Set the calibration date of the latest calibration for the instrument.
    • To set the calibration due date for the instrument:
      • Enter the date manually using the date picker OR
      • Enter the calibration interval in weeks - the due date will be automatically calculated.
    • If you would like ProCal to ignore the calibration due date of the instrument when checking traceability information at the start of the calibration, check the "Override Calibration Date Check" box.
    • If the instrument requires GPIB communication, set the required GPIB address.
    • If the instrument requires a set value, enter this in the "Value" box.
    • Select the instrument baud rate if a specific rate is required.
    • Enter the temperature at which the instrument was calibrated, and the high and low tolerances of this from the calibration, if available.
    • Enter the humidity at which the instrument was calibrated, and the high and low tolerances of this from the calibration certificate, if available.
    • Select the instrument uncertainty template if required. For categories where the instrument is selected from a set list, this will be populated automatically if a matching template exists.
    • Select a general uncertainty template to be used with this instrument if required.
  • Select "Create Instrument"
  • The instrument will be created.
  • If there are any instruments that have not yet been assigned to a category, the assignment window will appear.
    • To assign instruments, select the instrument to be assigned to a category, then select the category and press "Assign Instrument".
    • To skip this step, press "Close and Exit".
  • The newly created instrument will be selected and highlighted on the grid.

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