The traceable category administration page is reached using File > View/Edit Traceable Categories.


Adding New Categories

  1. Click “Add Category”
  2. Enter the desired category name.
  3. Click “Create Category”
  4. The new category will now be available for use

Removing existing categories

  1. Select the category to be removed
  2. Click “Remove Category”
  3. If there are instruments assigned to the category, these will need to be re-assigned. Click yes to reassign immediately or click no to leave the items unassigned for later assignment. Please note unassigned instruments cannot be used.
  4. Removed Categories are not deleted from ProSet, only deactivated, because then they can be reinstated if removed in error or needed again in future.

Merging Existing Categories

  1. Click “Merge Categories”
  2. Select the category to be merged. Instruments assigned to this category will be moved to the new category, and this category will be deactivated.
  3. Select the category to be merged into. Instruments from the category being merged will be assigned to this category.
  4. Click “Merge Categories”
  5. Click “Yes” to confirm the merge, or click “No” to cancel the merge.