• File > View/Edit Uncertainty Templates
  • To create a new uncertainty template.
    1. Click “Add Template”
    2. Enter the name for the new uncertainty template.
    3. Click “Save” to create the uncertainty template.
      • To cancel uncertainty template creation, click “cancel”. No changes will be saved.
    4. The uncertainty template will be created and shown on screen.
    5. Required uncertainty lines are created automatically.
      • To edit the automatically created uncertainty lines, select the uncertainty line to be edited in the display grid, then click “Edit Line”.
      • Edit the required details
      • Click “Save” to save the uncertainty line changes.
      • Click “Cancel” to exit without saving the uncertainty line changes.
  • To add a line to the end of the uncertainty template, click “Add Line”.
    1. Add the details of the uncertainty line:
      • Source of Uncertainty
      • Limit Value
      • Divisor (from pre-determined list)
      • Ci
    2. Click “Save” to save and add the line, or click “cancel” to exit without saving.
    3. The new uncertainty line will appear on the uncertainty line display grid.