It is possible to import uncertainties for a traceable instrument using a .csv template instead of building the uncertainty template line by line in the software.

To do this:

  • Download the attached template from the bottom of this article
  • Enter as many uncertainty line details as are required:
    • ID: The line number of the uncertainty. This should be sequential
    • Uncert_No: The line number of the uncertainty. This should be sequential  and should match the ID
    • Uncert_Desc: The line description. The description must not include commas as this will cause the import to fail
    • Range_Low to Ref_Zero: appropriate numeric values should be included in each of the uncertainty columns
      • For columns that don't require a value, please leave the field blank
  • Save the file, ensuring that the filetype remains as ".csv"
  • Launch ProSet
  • Go to File > View/Edit Instrument Uncertainties

  • Click "Import Uncertainty"

  • Enter the requested uncertainty details, then select the file to be imported
  • Click "Create Uncertainty"

  • The uncertainty is now available in the software 

To assign an uncertainty table to a reference, please refer to How to Edit a Traceable Instrument