To support legacy instruments which do not report serial number information over the interface, 

ProCal provides the ability to set a 'static' FTDI address.

How to configure a static FTDI address :

1. Determine the FTDI address of the instrument by connecting the instrument using an FTDI Usb to RS232 converter lead as 

described in this solution :

ProCal : Connecting to instruments fitted with RS232 interfaces

2. Determine the UNIQUE FTDI ADDRESS - this is displayed on startup of ProCal and can also be re-displayed by selecting :

The FTDI address is displayed in SQUARE BRACKETS - see the EXAMPLE below : 

Note : Your device ID will be a UNIQUE number displayed by your specific computer :

Note : The FTDI address is unique to a specific lead (or instrument if the USB interface is built-in) - 

the square brackets are NOT part of the address and should be omitted, eg. :


3. Use ProSet to enter the static FTDI address for the required instrument :

ProCal will now use the specified FTDI static address to communicate with the instrument as configured in ProSet.