To search for an instrument in ProCal-Track, first open the instrument search function using either the shortcut button, or the sidebar menu option:

  • Choose your search parameter(s). Search parameters can be combined to narrow your search criteria. For 'like' searches, the wildcard '*' can be used:

  • Please note that the customer name field also uses the contact picker to assist the user in choosing a specific customer name. To use this, the user can type all or part of the name into the field and select the '?' button. This will launch the contact picker with results related to what has been entered. The button may also be used with a blank field for a general search. Select the required contact from the search results and use the 'select' button to enter this company name into the 'Customer Name' search field:

  • Once the desired criteria have been entered, select the 'Start Search' button on the bottom right of the screen to populate search results:

  • The search results can be ordered by several different criteria by using the 'order by' dropdown menu. Choosing a new sorting option will reload the list with the chosen ordering criteria:

  • Select the desired instrument from the list, and then press the 'View / Edit' button to open the virtual job sheet:

  • The virtual job sheet is now open: