Transmille provide a free of charge desktop utility that allows users to configure settings and download/restore the calibration factors from the 1000, 3000A, 4000 and 9000A Series Calibrators.

To download this software, please use the following link :

To install the software, run the installer and follow the dialogues as they appear on the screen.

The utility will install all required files and create a shortcut in the Start Menu under Transmille Software.

  1.  Please leave the 'Transmille System Files' prerequisite file left ticked as this is required for correct operation of the software.
  2. After continuing to follow the instructions, the final step is to confirm that you agree to the Licence terms and conditions, and tick the 'I agree to the Licence terms and conditions' tick box. The INSTALL button then becomes available and the install will proceed after clicking the button.