3000A : Updating Adapter Coefficients

Modified on Tue, 02 Mar 2021 at 03:05 PM

The 3000A can be used with a wide arrange of external adapters, including options for measurement of Pressure and Torque.

As each transducer is unique, calibration/scaling factors must be entered into the calibrator to allow correct display/readback from the accessory.

To configure the accessory, please download the Transmille Calibrator Setup Utility (https://support.transmille.com/solution/articles/9000164178-installing-the-transmille-calibrator-setup-utility) from the linked support article.

After installation, connect the 3000A to the computer via the USB cable and start the Calibrator Setup utility. The calibrator will be detected and information such as serial number displayed on the computer.

Navigate to 'Adapters' in the top left of the utility and click.

A new window will appear that allows configuration of any one of the 10 Adapter Slots (note that these are specifically for Pressure / Torque adapters).

Select the desired Position from the list on the left hand side and click. 

If you want to UPDATE an existing adapter (for example update the factor for a Pressure Transducer) click the 'Read' button on the right hand side in the 'Display Format' section of the window.

A brief description of each field can be found below

Display Format

  • Set New Title - Typing in the box to the left and clicking this button will update how the adapter is displayed on the front panel.
  • Set New Unit - This will update the unit that readback is provided in from the front panel, for example PSI.
  • Set Decimal Places - This will configure the resolution of the readback. This should be set to a realistic number based upon the accuracy of the transducer as adding more decimal places will not improve the accuracy of the transducer itself.


  • Set full scale Value (at nominal 10V input) - If the input of the transducer is known at 10V level (i.e. the pressure transducer has to have 9.98 PSI applied for 10V output) type the figure in here and click this button.
  • Set Value (at currently applied input) - If during calibration you can apply the correct input (for example your pressure pump is currently applying 10 PSI) then click this button.
  • Set Factor - If Transmille have provided a new transducer, a 'scale factor' is provided. Enter this scale factor into the box and click. Please note that over time due to improvements the format of scale factors has changed. If in doubt, please raise a ticket with the adapter serial number and certificate number and we can advise how to add the adapter correctly.

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